Port of Seydisfjordur

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Seydisfjordur, East Iceland, Iceland)

Smyril Line is the sole operator from the port of Seydisfjordur. Destinations include the Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark and the Shetland islands.

Smyril Line Company

Smyril Line manages the routes from the port of Seydisfjordur. The vessel Norröna replaced the older version in March 2003. The ferry includes a wide range of onboard conveniences including a swimming pool, fitness facilities, a sauna, shops, a large children's play room, restaurants, a disco and a hospital.

During high season the ship has a crew of 118. On board, Passengers will find six specially designed cabins for disabled passengers. All passengers' areas can be found on the vessel's outboard side, providing scenic views.

The sailing time between Seydisfjordur and Lerwick is 12 hours. The voyage from Seydisfjordur to Tórshavn takes approximately 15 hours.

The majority of the ship's areas and facilities close during the winter, when limited passengers are accommodated. The crew is reduced to about 20 to 25 during low season.

Seydisfjordur Port

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