Port of Seydisfjordur

Land Transport and Travel To and From Port Seydisfjordur
(Seydisfjordur, East Iceland, Iceland)

Roads in the surrounding towns are well maintained and have excellent surfaces. However, outside populated areas, roads in this region can be gravelled, which makes driving more difficult and uncomfortable. During wintertime, wheel-spikes and chains are highly recommended.

Travel by Bus and Shuttles

City and town buses are operated across Iceland. They generally run from 6:45 until midnight. The Reykjavík Bus Centre (BSÍ) runs the Icelandic bus network. Schedules during winter and summer are slightly different.

Car Hire and Road Travel

Generally, the roads in Iceland are in good condition. In certain areas outside populated regions drivers must exercise caution as the roads are often gravelled. The Highway One ring road serves the whole of Iceland. By road, it takes about 15 hours to reach Reykjavik.

There are a few local car hire companies represented in Seydisfjordur. It is recommended that you book car hire in advance online from one of the well-known companies. Booking car hire online will offer you the best deals and you will be guaranteed of finding the car of your choice.

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Trains and Rail Travel

There are no railway services available in Iceland.

Car Parking

There are limited car parking facilities at the port, especially during the busy summer months, so travellers are advised to contact the harbour manager prior to arrival; for up-to-date information about the availability of parking spaces telephone: +354 472 2300 or email: th@sfk.is

Travel by Taxis

Taxis are available to take people all over Iceland. Taxi travel is, however, the most expensive way to travel although it is also the safest.

Seydisfjordur Port

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